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Can you help me find information about this porcelain object?

I am sending you photos of a porcelain ceramic bathroom set that I own. It is a four piece set consisting of a water pot, a wash basin, a small bowl with lid and a flower vase. I have done extensive research and contacted a number of specialists, but with no results. The signature on the set is “Lotta”, with the “L” being the shape of a tree limb. I was told by the previous owner, that this set came from a plantation home in Meridian, Mississippi. Dimensions: • Water pot: 14 ½ inches high (with lid), 15 inches wide (from handle to handle) • Water basin: 4 ¾ inches high, 14 ¾ inches wide • Small bowl with lid: 3 ½ inches high, 5 ½ inches wide • Small flower vase: 5 inches high, 4 inches wide Can you tell me anything about my set? Or can you forward this email to someone who might know something about them? Thank You! If you can send me an email address I can send you photos.
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I am unable to find any attachments you reference in your message.

If you send the images I would be happy to forward your question to Susan Kowalczyk Director of the Schein-Joseph Intl Museum of Ceramics at Alfred.

Our museum specializes in contemporary ceramics, with a fine art emphasis.  I am not sure if they will be familiar with these items, but I am happy to forward your message.

As you may be aware, Scholes Library houses a premier physical collection of reference materials on all forms of ceramics.   Should you ever wish to visit us here in Alfred NY, we would gladly welcome you and assist you with your research.

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